Hood on the Range

A range hood is necessary in every kitchen that has a cooktop, not just for alleviating those smoky mishaps but also for removing excess moisture, grease, gases and fumes.

DIY Antler Chandelier

For most of our house, I’ve selected unique but timeless (at least in my opinion) lighting options that fall in step with our old-meets-new approach to decorating.

I Think I Can

When it came time to start painting the interior of the house, I thought I had the project well in hand, patting myself on the back for planning it so that paint would go up prior to any flooring, fixture or cabinet installations.

Getting the Hang of It

With insulation in place, it’s finally time to make our house feel more like a home—and I can’t think of any better way to do that (at least at this point in the project) than to hang some drywall!

Geothermal Blooper: Some Geyser Action

When it comes to construction, particularly remodels, surprises are part and parcel. That said, nothing could prepare me for a geyser in my front yard.

An Eye on Value

Do you remember when I made mention of a “future” upstairs. Well, it’s no longer a phase to be completed at our leisure.

Walled Up

Expanding the floor plan on our farmhouse offered more than its fair share of challenges. One such challenge was tying the existing walls of the original structure into the new walls of the expansion.

Raising the Roof

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Whoever installed the old roof of our farmhouse did a pretty horrifying job

Dog Days of Demo

After settling on a contractor, we moved ahead with the farmhouse’s demolition and repair of the substructure (aka, the floor and rim joists devoured by termites and powder post beetles). Our goals: cut costs and keep renovation in motion.

The Chosen One

After about two years of throwing around the idea of putting our small suburban home on the market, we finally did it. To our surprise, it sold in six days!

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