Portuguese water dog

Mourning Our Good Friend Fayre

This has been a sad week for Uzzi and me. Our special friend, Fayre, the Portuguese Water Dog, died last Friday evening.

planning calendar

Track Nature with a Calendar

Mom was looking at her calendar today. She checked it against her 2011 and 2012 calendars, and guess what? The frogs should start serenading us this month!

Autumn Leaves

Uzzi and I were munching the yummy, crisp leaves that fall in our paddock and gazing at the beautiful autumn colors in our woods when Uzzi swallowed and then said, “Why do they do that? Why do the leaves change colors before they fall?”

Mouse Invasion

We’ve always had a lot of mice on our farm—Mom calls our feed building Mousehaven—but this year they’re much worse than before.

Election Time!

Vote for my mom in Casey’s Famous People Contest, running Sept. 11 to 25, 2012.

Something to Crow About

We don’t have roosters on our farm anymore. Carl and Rasputin had to go to new homes because they kept raking Mom and Dad with their spurs.

Calling Goats (and Other Animals)

Our mom isn’t very imaginative when she calls us animals in from the pasture. When she wants the goats and sheep to come in, she hollers, “Goat, goat! Sheep, sheep!”

Dung Beetles

The other day, Uzzi and I were lying in the shade chewing cud when we glanced down and our eyes bugged out—there was a shiny black beetle pushing a big ball of manure with his back feet.

Homeless Goats

We have two new goats at our house and, boy, are they tiny! They came to live with us because someone threw them away. Can you believe it?!

Mm-mmm, Milk!

When Uzzi and I were little kids, we drank milk from bottles. It was good! Then Mom said we got too old for milk, and we started eating hay instead.