Groundhog Day

Last Thursday, when Mom brought our breakfast, she said, “Punxsutawney Phil says we’re having six more weeks of winter this year.”

Hog Wild

When I told my animal friends that I didn’t know what to blog about this week, Carlotta said, “Talk about me! Blog about wild pigs!”

Wool It Be – Part 2

Last week, I told you some of the cool things Uzzi and I learned about wool and sheep. Here are some more things to know.

Wool It Be – Part 1

Yesterday, the little girl lambs came to visit Uzzi and me. They giggled and nudged one another and then Grace, the spokeslamb asked, “You goats look funny. Why don’t you have wool?”

Acting Weird!

Mom thinks we animals are acting weird. For instance, Ursula, the fat, black ewe, is in passionate love with me. Yes, really! She strolls past 10 grumbling rams to purr and bat her eyes at me. (That’s where the phrase “making sheep eyes” comes from.)

New Year’s Resolutions

Are you making New Year’s resolutions this year? Uzzi says I should resolve to stop strutting around like I own the world and also stop peeing in my beard. He’s just jealous.

Make a Wild Wreath

Want to make a wreath from greenery growing on your farm? It’s easy! View the slideshow to find out how.