Melon & Crab Salad

Photo by Judith Hausman A summer salad isn’t complete without seafood. Light and easy, a melon and crab salad with mint and ginger is satisfying, sweet, salty and sour, just right to whet the appetite on a still-summery night or to serve as a full lunch in these last free days of August. A cold […]

Add Crunch to Summer Salads with Breadsticks

Crunchy Breadsticks make the perfect partner for a summer salad. More fun than a crouton, these breadsticks can be made ahead of time and stored in an airtight container.

Recipe: Summer Salad

Photo by Judith Hausman Cherries and blueberries make refreshing additions to this summer salad. Red, white and blue desserts were everywhere for Fourth of July: strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream — what’s not to like? Still, strawberries are about done in the Hudson Valley (it wasn’t the best year for them), blueberries aren’t yet ripe […]

Beets Are the Best!

Photo by Judith Hausman   This grated, raw beet salad is healthy and beautiful. I never ate beets growing up but now they are among my favorite vegetables, especially the beautiful, juicy new beets that are so abundant this time of year. Beets are also really good for you; they contain unique antioxidants and vitamin […]