CO2 Could Increase Tomato Growth

Scientists at Fresno State who are investigating the use of carbon-dioxide enrichment on open-field crops enter their second year of research.

Bagged Tomatoes

You’ve bagged tomatoes in the supermarket, but have you ever bagged tomatoes on the bush? I did this past week when the garden was threatened with an early frost. I was able to cover peppers and raspberry canes with plastic used earlier this year on high tunnels. However, when it came to my 8-foot tall Early Girl tomato, I was stymied.

Attack of the Figeater

Photo courtesy of Jengod/Wikipedia The June bug that went after me last weekend looks just like this one. This spring, my sister, Cyndi, came to visit me from the island where she lives in the South Pacific. While I was at work one day, she planted a garden of tomatoes. Now, four months later, I […]

The Garden Bustle

So much is happening in the garden that I don’t even know where to start! Our landscape crew from Lighthouse Landscape Designs arrived with the excavator and Bobcat and began the grading process in the backyard. They laid the gravel base for the retaining wall and expect to begin setting the wall in the next day or two.

Blank Slate

Photo by Charles Diaz We enjoyed our homemade pizza “on the rocks” during a hike. No wonder there’s been so much written about pizza: how to grill it, wood or coal-fire it; how to make it at home; how to do the cheese, the crust and so on. It’s understandable because pizza really is the […]

Working with Tools

Photo by Rick Gush This week, I got to try out my new curved surform—a tool to create pieces for my Adirondack chairs. I’ve got several projects going at the moment: building a pair of Adirondack chairs, starting spring garden work and prepping my next art project. All of these activities require excessive and repeated tool […]

First ’Maters

Finally! I put the first tomato plants in the ground yesterday. By my calculations, I’m about a month behind my usual planting schedule.

The Big Soup

Photo by Judith Hausman Need a way to use up those garden veggies? Throw them in the soup pot. The air is cooler, the garden is straggling and our tastes are turning. It’s time to throw everything into the soup pot, trusting our palates and our instincts, flying without a recipe, seasoning at will. Minestrone […]