Getting a Fast Shave

It’s great finding that tool you’ve been wanting. It is even greater when you get to put it to use and it does what you expected and more. That was the case the other day when I needed to bring a 4×4 post down 1/4 inch on two sides. My new (old) drawknife came to the rescue.

A Tool is a Tool, Except …

Last week, I picked up my handmade 16-inch, 12 ppi, hybrid-cut cherry handle tenon saw. Mark Harrell, owner of Bad Axe Tools and saw maker extraordinaire, handed it to me and set up a wood scrap so I could try cutting a tenon.

Put Your Framing Square to Work

To put your framing square to work, you need to know the parts. A typical square has a face (the side with the manufacturer’s logo), a tongue (the shorter and narrower 16- by 1½-inch arm) and a blade (the longer and wider 24- by 2-inch arm). The heel is where the two arms meet.