Rafter Panel Storage

Last week, I told you how I devised a plan to use the area between the rafters in my compact workshop for storage. Instead of permanent hinges, I opted for hanging a pipe that would retain the panels, yet allow them to tip down to display tools.

New Tools for a New Year

Christmas has come and gone, leaving behind (in my case) new tools for the shop. Of course, it helps that I dog-eared the tool catalogs for my wife. That way she has a number of possible gifts across a wide range of prices.

Of Mice and Men

I appreciate mice and their place in the ecosystem. I just wish they didn’t want my place, too. I try to mouse-proof the house, but every year a few get in. Outbuildings are often more of a problem.

Not Your Neighborhood Flea Market

Three of my favorite things in life are travel, flea markets and trade shows. All three are adventures into the unknown.

Great Idea, Low Point

Even great ideas can have a downside. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’m making the transition to a shop remote from the garage, where it has shared residence with vehicles and assorted storage bins.

Ultimate Engineering

I was talking to an engineer one day, and as he described a project he was working on, he began explaining it with examples of the body’s musculature and skeleton. The more he described, the more I realized how similar the study of engineering is to the study of anatomy.

Maintain Your Body

If we want our tools to last, we sharpen and maintain them. If we treat them right, they endure. Best of all, it only takes a small amount of time every time we use them to keep them in good shape for the next time we use them.

When Less Will Do

I am a sucker for the tools section of any hardware or big-box store. I can’t help but look at those chop saws, drill presses, band saws and table saws and wish they were mine.

Lost and Found

Last week, David from Omaha commented on how often we don’t take a minute to find the right tool and use something else instead. He’s very right about that; however, sometimes the right tool just can’t be found.

Tool Dictionary

When my cousin Curt forwarded a virtual copy of the Tool Dictionary, I appreciated the humor and irony in the definitions. In case you haven’t seen the list, it takes common tools from the shop and applies twisted definitions to them.

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