Sweet Water Foundation Makes a Difference

Photo courtesy Richard Beauchamp Sweet Water Foundation’s educational programs focus on sustainability and hands-on training. Sweet Water Organics, an urban fish and vegetable farm in Milwaukee, Wis., uses aquaponics systems to grow vegetables, herbs, tilapia and perch in what was formerly an abandoned warehouse in the heart of Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood. While the farm […]

Will San Diego Say Yes?

Photo by Aleigh Acerni Bessie, the miniature LaMancha goat that Dr. Laura Hershey is hoping to bring home. “I would rather live next door to a goat than a Rottweiler,” says San Diego, Calif. resident Dr. Laura Hershey. “Goats make great neighbors.” This comparison — between a sometimes-aggressive breed of dog that’s welcome in Hershey’s […]

Growing for Good

Photo courtesy Growing Cities Filmmakers Dan Susman (right) and Andrew Monbouquette (left) traveled the country looking for urban farming. Article first published in Urban Farm November/December 2011. From children swiftly entering their teenage years to small towns hastily developing into cities, growth — and change — happens within a blink of an eye. But a […]

New Program Prepares Students for Start in Urban Farming

Photo courtesy Hemera/Thinkstock The Certificate in Commercial Urban Agriculture program offers a comprehensive introduction to starting an urban farm. While the U.S. has seen an increase in the demand for locally grown foods by consumers, restaurants and retailers, there has be a decrease in the number of Americans who grow up on farms and have […]

Urban Farmers Fight Legal Hurdles

Courtesy Hemera/Thinkstock In attempts to grow foods locally, some urban farmers have violated local laws. While aphids are raiding gardens for a taste of the tomatoes, city officials are conducting raids of their own, handing out fines to urban farmers for breaking the law. Yep, growing tomatoes—or any food crops—is illegal in some municipalities. Certain […]

Gardens Transform Urban Living

This statement by Eve Mosher, a New York-based artist, referring to urban agriculture was the unifying theme of a panelist discussion at The New School’s Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery in New York last week. As a part of “Living Concrete/Carrot City,” a Ryerson University and New School collaborative series of discussions and exhibitions aimed at […]