Casting Call For “Yardfarmers”

#castingcall #yardfarming #garden #prepping #urbangarden #suburbangardening #foodnotlawns A photo posted by Yardfarmers Show (@yardfarmers) on Jun 26, 2015 at 2:23pm PDT The Worldwatch Institute is turning the good-natured, cooperative-spirited, wholesome act of growing your own food into a competition for national television, and they want you, young urban farmers! With the issues of climate change, […]

Oh, So That’s Why We’re Doing This!

  For all those people who told you urban farming isn’t “real” farming or said your operation was too small to make a difference or earn an income, you now have something to fight back with. Nearly a fifth of the world’s food come from city farms, and more than 800 million people are growing […]

Eat, Pray, Ride

Photo by Audrey Pavia Me and Cowboy in the hills of Three Rivers, Calif. Being an urban farmer is really great, but every once in a while, I have the urge to get out to the country where the serious farmers live. I get this craving for the open road and the need to see […]