New Year’s Toast—With Shakes!

Blenders aren’t just for frozen margaritas in the summer. They can turn fresh and frozen garden abundance into a raw and vegan meal that comes in shake form.

Black Kale

Kale’s dark-green leaves are nutrition-dense and easy-to-grow, even out here in Italy.

Rosh Hashana Resolutions

Photo by Judith Hausman Next year, I’d like to make more of my addictive dip, in which I substitute roasted zucchini for eggplant. This month, my gardening coop’s period of assessment and notes for next year coincide with Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, so it’s a perfect time to make resolutions to do things […]

Northern Okra

Photo courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock I find Indian-style curry to be the perfect match for okra. About three weeks ago, one of our garden coop plots was weed-ridden (again), so a couple of us waded in. I climbed behind a trellis of spent pea vine to pull them out. Among the weeds, I saw a row of […]

The Wait

Photo by Judith Hausman I used leftover chicken and a combination of vegetables to make this late-winter pot pie. The very first blog entry I posted as the Hungry Locavore was about the eating doldrums of late winter. And here we are again. The winter vegetables have lost their charm, only the pachysandra has managed to […]

The Big Soup

Photo by Judith Hausman Need a way to use up those garden veggies? Throw them in the soup pot. The air is cooler, the garden is straggling and our tastes are turning. It’s time to throw everything into the soup pot, trusting our palates and our instincts, flying without a recipe, seasoning at will. Minestrone […]

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