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Book Review: “Wildcrafted Vinegars”

Pascal Baudar’s “Wildcrafted Vinegars” is a comprehensive guide to making (and using) vinegars using both foraged and store-bought ingredients.

Marjoram Capers

These pickled buds from a majoram bush are a reminder that herb flowers are both delicious and beautiful.


Great-grandma’s Pickled Beets

Eat these beets straight from the jar or cube them and serve in a salad with spinach, walnuts and goat cheese.

Herbed Vinegar

Use this recipe as a guide to create your own special herbed-vinegar blend.

Faucets, Digital Cameras and Vinegar

With temperatures well below zero, this past weekend was devoted to maintenance. I tore out old caulk around the shower and the tub and put in new.

Pickles and Relish

Photo by Judith Hausman The new pickles at farmers’ markets are making a real comeback from the traditional dill and bread ‘n’ butter. I also like to add eclectic flair to my preserved produce by making relish. Everything old is, as they say, new again. This weekend, in a traditional Russian deli in Brookline, Mass., I saw pickled […]