Diminish Spring Garden Stress

Courtesy Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Thinkstock When choosing plants this spring, try to find disease-resistant varieties in order to reduce garden-related stress. Starting a garden in the spring can bring loads of rewards throughout the gardening season, but can be intimidating for the urban dweller without loads of experience under his belt. Along with the fruits of labor […]

Water: The Fuel Frontier?

Courtesy Dan Lutz Dan Lutz and Marc Anderson of Beloit, Wis., are performing experiments to fuel cars with water broken down into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. If your car didn’t run entirely on fuel, imagine the environmental and personal impact of fewer emissions, lower gas cost and improved gas mileage. Dan Lutz, fleet manager of the […]

Under Water

Photo by Audrey Pavia All the heavy rains we’ve been having have made a mess of our stalls. Southern California has a reputation for being sunny and warm nearly all year round. And for the most part, it’s true. So when we have occasional bouts of bad weather and complain about it, we are no […]

My Waterfall and My Truck

Photo by Rick Gush  After years living in the desert, I delight in living next to this waterfall. One of the things I really like about living here in Liguria, Italy, is having lots of water features near my garden. I lived in Las Vegas for 15 years before moving here, and I still get […]

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