Nutritive Tea

Improve your immune system and fight minor sicknesses with this herbal tea that can be made at home with plants gleaned from your farm.

Common Garden Weeds

Discover these four common weeds in your urban farm and learn how to kill them.

Happy Potato Accident

Photo by Jessica WalliserI accidentally grew All Blue potaotes in the compost bin, and they did better than the ones I purposefully planted in the garden! I’m secretly hoping for an early frost this year, namely to kill off some of the stink bugs before they make it inside but also to put an end to […]

stink bug trap, stink bugs

Garden Headaches: Stinkbugs and Weeds

Ugh! The stink bugs are in full force now. I knew it would happen, but this is crazy! I have finally started harvesting my tomatoes, and they’re all covered in stink-bug nymphs. The skin and flesh of the fruits is completely corked from their feeding.

Montbretia – The Beautiful Weed

Photo by Rick Gush This blooming montbretia brightens up my every corner in my garden. Don’t take weeds for granted. At the moment, my favorite plant in my garden at the moment is a weed from South Africa called montbretia, or crocosmia. Sure, we are now enjoying our annual flood of squash, tomatoes, beans and […]

Weeds: To Pull or Not to Pull?

Photo by Rick Gush The view of this “weed garden” from my office might not look pretty to some but, to me, I see a resilient, amazing patch of plants. Weeds are pretty cool plants. We gardeners spend a lot of our time fighting weeds, but there is a lot to appreciate in these “enemies.” […]

Backyard Bees

I visited a friend’s house today for a little garden tour and a lunch date. I love to see other people’s gardens and find out what they have going on.

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