brush limbs sticks tree branches

6 Ways To Put Your Brush Pile To Work

Don’t just burn that brush pile, put it to work. From biochar to wildlife habitat and more, here are 6 ways to put sticks, limbs, branches and more to work.

woodpecker house

Make A Downy Woodpecker House On The Cheap

Providing area woodpeckers with some extra nesting options is as simple as repurposing a large fallen limb. Here’s how to build a woodpecker house of your own.

farm wildlife fox

Watching For Wildlife On the Farm (Part 1)

With having a hobby farm comes occasional encounters with wildlife. Here’s what to expect and how to get along with other critters humanely and responsibly.

To Feed or Not to Feed?

The East has faced a harsh winter, and all the wildlife is struggling to fill their bellies—but don’t get tempted to throw them a bone.

Wet Spring Hurts Wildlife Populations

Excessive rains this spring have caused short-term nesting problems for bird and small-mammal populations, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

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