Recipe: Savory Pumpkin Pancakes

These are just like German-style potato pancakes and can be served as a side dish for roast chicken or pork tenderloin or as a vegetarian main course with rich dairy accompaniments or Asian-style condiments. Any winter squash can be substituted for the pumpkin. INGREDIENTS 2 cups raw pumpkin or winter squash (acorn, butternut), coarsely grated […]

Squash Leek Gratin

The shortest day has come and gone, and I’m dipping into my long-keeping winter stock of local products. My pig share is nearly done, but my lamb share just showed up to replace the pork in my freezer, with visions of spicy kebabs and cozy braised shanks. The pumpkins and winter squash are holding up […]

Pumpkin Hummus

Photo by Judith Hausman Middle Eastern meets American in this holiday twist. Inspiration twice over: long, deep-orange pie pumpkins from my CSA and the gift of a Middle Eastern cookbook. The result was pumpkin hummus, a novel hit at Thanksgiving. While any winter squash, especially butternut, would serve, these pie pumpkins are especially nonfibrous and […]

Gardening for Livestock

One day last week, Mom came back from the mailbox with a big smile on her face. “Look, Martok,” she said. “This is my first heirloom-vegetable gardening catalog for next year!”

Winter Sweets: Sweet, Natural Bread

Photo by Judith Hausman Winter sweets don’t have to be candy; this squash and apricot bread proves it. January is supposed to be a time of dietary atonement. Annually, all around the nation, people step on sales after the holiday cookies and grimace. Despite the cold that nudges us toward cozier, heavier foods, we are […]

Recipe: Vegetable Pastry

Photo by Judith Hausman Winter squash, such as butternut squash (pictured), goes well in this vegetable pastry. This weekend we went to visit some farmer friends in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. This rich agricultural area on either side of the beautiful Connecticut River has managed to preserve its agricultural traditions and an encouraging atmosphere […]