Nature’s Workbench

Last week, I described finding an old, heavy-duty vise for sale in Crown Trout Jewelers, a fine jewelry store in my community. While that was unexpected, its mounting was even more unexpected. Liz Bucheit, the owner, had three of the old vises mounted to a section of cottonwood log that was about 34 inches long and perhaps 30 inches across.

Owner’s Manual Revisit

I’m one of those assemble first, read the directions later people. Over the years, I have tried to be better about reading the instructions first—or at least while I assemble. It is amazing how much smoother things go.

Bench Hooks

I stopped by the Bad Axe Tool Works website to browse its handcrafted saws. The saws are truly beautiful works of art for the shop-inclined.

Get a Grip

My shop is back to normal. It’s not just the clutter on the workbench; it’s the engineer’s bench vise.