Using All Workshop Space

When I set out to tuck my workshop into an 8- by 12-foot shed, I knew I needed to plan to use all available space.

Turnbuckling My Workbench

I’ve mentioned my old workbench that has traveled from Minnesota to New York to Iowa and back. I think I’ve torn it apart and reassembled it at least seven times, not to mention the moves from garage to basement and back in various houses.

Shop Setup

Earlier this winter, I began moving my shop tools to an old garden shed. After cleaning the 8- by 12-foot building, I moved about 70 percent of my tools and supplies, including my workbench and tool cabinet, into the shed … where they sat.

German Flea-market Find

It was only fitting that before attending Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany, a farm machinery exposition known for showcasing the latest technology, I should find old tools at a flea market.

Plan… Refresh… Revise… Do

The shop is starting to come together. It’s still a mess, but it’s getting closer—at least in my head if not in real life. While tools have been moved in, the shop is only in the rough-draft stage of development. I should have it all worked out soon, but the plan continues to evolve

Great Idea, Low Point

Even great ideas can have a downside. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’m making the transition to a shop remote from the garage, where it has shared residence with vehicles and assorted storage bins.

Workshop In Progress

After years of using a corner of our unheated car garage for a workshop, I am in the process of making a change. With the addition of a hoop building to store the ATV, leaf shredder, lawn mower and accessories, it was time to rearrange other things as well. Our 8- by 12-foot garden shed will soon be my workshop.

An Excuse to Set Up Shop

I’d love to be writing about all the exciting developments in the garden, but unfortunately, we’ve had rainy and cold weather for a long time, now.

Moving Time

Photo by Rick Gush Moving these boxes—all 360 of them—down the cliff is going to be a real challenge. I’d enjoy being able to recount the marvelous work that I’ve done in the garden this week, but it just ain’t so. Instead, I’ve been moving my office/workshop. (Well, I did at least manage to plant […]