Teeny Tiny Horses

We have Miniature Horses at our house, four of them, in fact.

by Martok
The miniature horse being fed
Photos by Sue Weaver

We have Miniature Horses at our house, four of them, in fact. But ours aren’t teeny, tiny horses; they’re cobby girl (that’s a nice word for short-legged and tubby) and 36 inches tall.

Big minis like ours or the teeniest of tiny horses, most Miniature Horses are registered with one (or both) of two organizations: the American Miniature Horse Registry and the American Miniature Horse Association; check ‘em out!

Some teensy Miniature Horses are dwarfs, like the famous Thumbalina (she raises lots of money for charity—way to go, Thumbalina!) and Koda, a tiny dwarf horse from Australia.

Slick the horse is only 26 inches tall

Some teeny-weenies are just as small but they’re proportionate like the minis our friends Gib and Melba Mullins raise at Ridgerunner Miniature Horses in Bakersfield, Missouri. That’s Dad at their Web site petting a colt named Gunny; Gunny didn’t come up to Dad’s knees!

A few weeks ago Mom and Dad took pictures of the newest itty-bitty Ridgerunner colt, Ridgerunner’s Bubbas Heir To The Throne. That’s a long name for an itty-bitty horse, so they call him Slick.

Slick’s dad, Bubba (Ridgerunner’s Moonlight Bay) is only 26 inches tall! That’s how big Slick will be when he’s all grown up (he’s destined to be a Ridgerunner breeding stallion too). Here are some of the pictures Mom took. Don’t you wish you had a teensy horse like Slick? Mom does too!  

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