The Well-dressed Trimmer

What does a well-dressed weed trimmer wear?

What does a well-dressed weed trimmer wear?

Similar to a gentleman or lady going out on the town, dressing appropriately is key to a pleasant weed trimming experience.

Of course, long sleeves and pants go without saying, but they are just the basics. If you’re like me and you go for the ground-level cut on problematic weeds, you’re going to stir up a lot of dust and other material. That’s why it’s a good idea to wear goggles or safety glasses. I know that when I don’t, I’ll be using eyewash when I finish.

Anytime you use a high rpm motor, it is a good idea to protect your hearing. When you tuck that revved up engine within a few feet of your ears, it is doubly wise to put on the hearing protectors.

If you live in a wooded area where poison ivy is as prevalent as it is in our woods, a set of coveralls is also warranted. I have a lightweight poly one-piece that I don. Not only does it protect forearms and other body parts from flying plant juices and parts, but it is easy to remove without spreading said plant parts to bare skin.

Finally, there is face protection. Weed whips when used aggressively (is there any other way?) tend to set chunks of material in motion. I make double duty use of my chainsaw helmet/face mask. It also includes a set of hearing protectors, so it takes care of that need as well. I especially appreciate the facemask screen when I feel a bit of gravel or stick bounce off of it.

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I may not be invited to pose for Esquire or anyone else, but I don’t care. I know that when I am ready to take out my botanical frustrations on the weeds, they won’t have the last laugh.

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