These Chickens Will Get You in the Christmas Spirit

This animated video of a chicken choir singing Christmas carols is no clucking joke.

Whether you fall in the “before Thanksgiving” or “after Thanksgiving” camp when it comes to Christmas music, there’s no debate: Now’s the time to jump head-on into holiday festivities. With parts of the country already seeing snowfall and homes decked with evergreens, it’s completely safe to say you should be blaring your Christmas music with reckless abandon.

Christmas in the Coop

What’s your favorite carol? Silent Night? Jingle Bells? Feliz Navidad? “Carol of the Bells” is a classic carol, sung by choirs around the world and modernized by the Trans Siberian Orchestra, now has a new farmhouse twist. If you love chickens and you love Christmas, this is definitely the video for you. The animation was put together by San Francisco artist Daisy Church with vocals by David Fuller.

We love the attention to detail put into this fun holiday clip. Be sure to keep an eye on the hen in the back row on the left—she’s our favorite. And be sure to watch the video all the way through for the surprise at the end.

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