These Goats And Sheep Know How To Rock Halloween Costumes

Include your farm animals in your holiday festivities, with ideas from some goats and sheep.

Autumn is here, and with the fall season comes cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything and lots of Halloween fun, including treats and jack-o-lantern stencils. But the best part of Halloween is getting to dress up in a fun costume. And if you’re stuck on ideas, these farm animals are ready to offer you some advice.

Not only do these goats and sheep have some savvy Halloween costume tips, they are so excited about the holiday they couldn’t wait to show us what they’re going to be. Take a look:

The Fairy Princess—classically perfect:

The Little Mermaid—can’t go wrong with a Disney character:

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Princess Leia—the force is strong with this one:

Batman—scaring villains away with this costume:

Marilyn Monroe—perhaps diamonds are a goat’s best friend?

How will you and your farm animals celebrate Halloween this year?

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