These Goats Can’t Wait For The New “Star Wars” Movie

Are these goats nerdy or cool?

by Dani Yokhna

These Goats Can’t Wait for the New ‘Star Wars’ Movie (
The Pet Collective/YouTube

Chances are you’ve seen all the Star Wars: The Force Awakens advertisements. In my city alone I’ve seen Star Wars makeup (seriously), coffee creamer and soup—not to mention I read that Disneyland is converting part of its theme park to be all about Star Wars. So if your town has been all about the movie too, more than likely the Star Wars fever has spread a little farther than just your local store.

For these seven goats, who were gathered together by The Pet Collective, Star Wars is so much on their mind that they’re already bought their tickets for the movie, which doesn’t come out until December.

The video reveals that there’s the goat who can’t stop watching the trailer, the goat who crashed Fandango, the goat who noticed that Luke wasn’t in the poster, the goat who bought tickets but sold them online for a hefty profit, the goat who is so eager to see the film that he’s camped out at the theater, the goat who wants to purchase all the merchandise (perhaps the makeup, coffee creamer and soup?) and of course the goat who loves Star Wars so much that he wants to be a Jedi and will do anything to become one.

Is your goat excited about Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

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