This Farm Offers Vegetables Year-Round

CSA farmers have come up with a way to extend growing season.

by Cari Jorgensen
PHOTO: Green Wagon Farm/Facebook

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) farmers Chad and Heather Anderson are offering produce subscriptions for $100 per month year-round. That’s right. Year-round—they aren’t letting winter get in the way of their crops at their Michigan farm.

The Green Wagon Farm has extended its growing season through the use of “plastic-covered tunnels, two heated hoop houses and a refrigerated food storage trailer,” reports. The Andersons began looking for ways to extend their growing season to ensure year-round cash flow. While the challenge hasn’t been in raising crops via this new procedure, Heather Anderson told that storing the crops through winter may be challenging, especially since some of the root crops will need to be stored until April.

Those who purchase year-round subscriptions to Green Wagon Farm will be able to pick up their choice of beets, carrots, Daikon radishes, garlic, kale, onions (red and yellow), potatoes, rutabagas and shallots at their local farmers’ market. Heather Anderson told that the farm’s pilot year-round subscription program will be limited to 100 members.

Do you have any year-round crop tips?

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