This Pig Mom-To-Be Hams It Up For The Camera

This proud mama pig to be poses for the camera in a beautiful maternity photo shoot.

Being a mom is great, right? This rescued potbelly pig named Sophie celebrated the upcoming joy motherhood with a maternity photo shoot at Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ohio. Decked out in a colorful tutu and charming pink bow, she strutted her stuff for the camera in front of a hay bale wall with sweet pastel banners and décor.

Life for Sophie didn’t always look so bright. She was rescued from a domestic violence situation by the Human Society of Elkhart County in Indiana, which worked alongside Happy Trails to find her a new home. The caretakers didn’t know Sophie was pregnant until she arrived at the farm.

“We are honored to not only take in this sweet little girl, but to also help bring her babies safely into the world with loving care,” Happy Trails said in a Facebook post.

The farm asked photographer Jessica Clevbar of Enjoy the Ride Photography to capture this special moment in Sophie’s life, and she graciously accepted the offer.

Since the photo shoot, Sophie has given birth to seven potbelly piglets, and they’re just the sweetest! Check out pictures of the new family below.

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