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This Psychic Goat Predicts The Next U.S. President

Who will be our next President? We won't know for sure until after the polls close.

by Rachael DupreeNovember 8, 2016
PHOTO: SWNS/Abacapress/Facebook

Did you get your “I Voted” sticker yet? Today, Americans are heading to the polls en masse to vote in what has been a tight race for the next President of the U.S. But you don’t need to stay up to all hours of the night to wait for election results. A psychic goat in Scotland named Boots has already predicted the winner, according to Scottish newspaper The Scotsman. In a reading, the Golden Guernsey goat from a farm in Roxburghshire predicted Hillary Clinton will be America’s next Commander in Chief.

Now, this was all done very officially, of course. Boots was presented with two pieces of paper: one with Clinton’s name on it and one with Trump’s. When the 3-year-old psychic goat was let loose by his handler to make his choice, he chose Clinton with little hesitation. (Although, to be fair, he also gave the Trump paper a nibble.) Boots’ predictions—such as the outcome of the Brexit vote—have been correct in the past, so we’ll see if this reading proves accurate. There is, after all, a monkey in China that has predicted Donald Trump as the winner, so tonight could go either way.

Moral of the story: Don’t depend on animals to call this election. Go vote!


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