This Rooster Gets A Second Chance At Life & Pays It Forward In The Sweetest Way Possible

This timid rooster makes a big impact on his barn mates.

Poodle Roo is a rooster like no other. The sweet little fella that takes up residence at Apricot Lane Farms never made it back into the coop with the chickens at night. Its keepers sent out nightly search parties to find the rooster and bring him home to roost, but for some reason, he never caught on to the nightly ritual.

Concerned about the Poodle Roo’s safety, the farm team isolated him from the flock and then re-introduced him—but this had devastating consequences. The other roosters picked on Poodle Roo, nearly pecking him to death.  Torn up by their decision, the keepers decided they needed to figure out a new plan for this rooster.

During Poodle Roo’s healing process, they learned that the poor little rooster was partially blind and deaf. No wonder he didn’t make it home at night! They kept him near the barn where the other animals would come for some healing, and he befriended them, showed them the ropes. Despite all that he had been through, this tender-hearted chicken had deep compassion for others and found his purpose in life and place on the farm.

Check out the sweet mini doc above, produced by Poodle Roo’s keepers at Apricot Lane Farms. The farm raises a diversity of animals and grows Biodynamically Certified avocados and lemons. Be sure to check out more of their “Super Soul Sunday” videos, which appear on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

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