A Tractor Cab Offers Numerous Benefits

A tractor cab can be an expensive addition, but the protection they offer from dust, weather and more can make them worth the investment.

by J. Keeler Johnson
PHOTO: Daniel Johnson

A difficult decision to make when buying a new tractor is whether to invest in a cab to go with it.

It’s tough to make a choice because cabs can be very expensive, adding thousands of dollars to the cost of a tractor. And since installing a cab isn’t an easy (or quick) job, if you’re interested in having one, it’s easiest to make the decision up front.

But are cabs worth the investment? You might be thinking of the implements and attachments you could buy with the money saved by going without a cab. After all, a cab doesn’t exactly expand the capabilities of the tractor, right?

Well, no, not exactly. But a cab can definitely increase your safety and make operating the tractor more pleasant.

These two advantages can’t be overstated. If your tractor receives a lot of use, operating for hours and hours every week, a cab might just be worth the investment.

Keep in mind, a cab can help protect you from….

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A cab can help buffer you from the monotonous roar of the tractor engine and attached equipment.

Have you ever stood next to a hay baler in operation? It’s impressively loud, even when you’re wearing ear protection. Noise-cancelling earmuffs or headphones can do a lot to protect your hearing, but the addition of a cab can cut down even further on the noisy clamor of farm machinery.


Maybe you’re mowing a field, baling hay or pushing around dirt with your front-end loader.

A lot of farming tasks can be dusty, particularly during dry weather. Without a cab, you’re bound to be enveloped in clouds of debris from time to time.  With a cab protecting you, you’ll stay clean and breathe easy.


Mosquitos aren’t bothered by the roar of a tractor engine—on the right weather days, they’ll zero in on you just the same. Flies and gnats, too.

And let’s not even get started on yellow jackets, with their nests hidden in farm fields. An enclosed cab will leave these pesky bugs out of luck.

Cold, Heat & Humidity

Many cabs offer heat and air conditioning, a major benefit if you’ll be using your tractor in challenging weather conditions.

With these options, you can ride in comfort whether you’re baling hay in 90 degrees (make hay while the sun shines, as they say!) or clearing snow when it’s -10 degrees.

Flying Objects

Tractors and implements have a lot of moving parts. And you never know when an object (whether part of a machine or something the machine has kicked up) might come flying in your direction.

Even benign objects can be annoying. Have you ever been driving a snow blower when the wind changes and blasts the scattering snow and ice in your face? A cab will help protect you against dangerous or even just annoying airborne objects.

Yes, cabs are expensive. It’s not something you’ll want to purchase on a whim.

But if you spend a lot of time on your tractor, particularly during hot or cold weather, it’s an investment you might want to make.

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