Jessica Walliser
April 14, 2011

Lettuce seeds
Photo by Jessica Walliser
The lettuce seeds are ready to plant in the garden.

And so the work continues here. I’ll post some new pics next week of how the new patio is progressing. It will be a few more weeks until the grading work and retaining walls are done. In the meantime, it’s a big muddy mess out there, but it sure is fun to watch the progress happening.

I have finally gotten around to spreading the compost in the veggie patch and planting my lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and onions. I was very excited to find onion plants at a local nursery as I have always grown onions from sets and then read some research about how you get bigger onions by starting from seedlings. I called around to some local nurseries and was surprised that I could locate onion seedlings at only one store—and it’s almost an hour away! Thankfully, we have some friends that live close to this nursery so we made a stop on our way to a visit with them last week.

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The seedlings came in bundles of 30. I got Walla Walla and Red Candy—two varieties that are supposed to be great for northern gardens. I’m tempted to plant a row of sets just to do a side-by-side comparison of the final product. I’m all about those kinds of experiments in the garden. 

I was feeling kind of guilty about dedicating so much garden space to onions, but then I decided that they are one vegetable that we eat a lot, and because they store so well, they are worth the amount of real estate they take up out there. I still have to plant the peas, carrots and some beets. Hopefully that will be done by the week’s end.

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