Turn Plastic Bottles Into Garden Twine

This handy little device helps you recycle plastic bottles into a useful tool for your home and garden.

Who would have guessed that rope made from a plastic soda bottle would be strong enough to tow a car? An ingenious little device, the brainchild of French entrepreneurs and simply called a “plastic bottle cutter,” allows anyone to make a upcycled plastic rope at home in varying widths. With a modest funding goal of €8,500 on Kickstarter, the duo has raised €293,000 for their business in less than a month.

plastic rope being used as garden twine
Plastic Bottle Cutter

The first plastic rope made by the entrepreneurial team—just 4 millimeters wide and made from an ordinary Coca-Cola bottle—supported more than 15 pounds, even after being left out in the elements for more two years. Aside from towing vehicles, as seen in the video above, you can put your home-cut plastic rope to use in the garden as sturdy tie-able garden twine.

While it’s ultimately not the solution to our global waste problem, it certainly does allow for some plastics to get a little more mileage as a cheap (and free) building material.

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