duck eggs fresh

Duck Eggs Are The Best Fresh Eggs

Thinking about getting chickens for eggs? Maybe consider duck eggs, instead—they are bigger and healthier, with better taste and texture.

aging hens

6 Ailments That Are Common In Aging Hens

Age is a more than a number when it comes to aging hens, as advancing years bring ailments for older backyard poultry. Here are the top six conditions.

making paper handmade

Transform Junk Mail Into Handmade Paper

DIY recycling can be easier—and more creatively fulfilling—than you might think. Here’s how to make junk mail and similar items into paper.

post and pipe level farm tools

Why You Need a Post and Pipe Level

Do you plan to install wooden posts as part of a building project? Ensure that they stand perfectly upright by using a post and pipe level.