Urban Farm News: Eco Alternative Solutions Launches Smart Streetlight

Eco Alternative Solutions is looking for cities to test their newly developed, high-tech streetlight system.

by Dani Yokhna
These streetlights may become a thing of the past with Eco Alternative Solutions new solar/LED streetlight
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These streetlights may become a thing of the
past with Eco Alternative Solutions new
solar/LED streetlight.

Are the streetlights in your city smart?

Streetlights are among a city’s most important and expensive assets, accounting for almost 40 percent of its electricity bill.

Using some of the latest technology being developed, Eco Alternative Solutions has developed a Solar/LED streetlight product smarter than existing systems.

Using Eco Alternative Solutions’ ISS series with Echelon, the cost per day is still less than using just LED lighting technology. 

Plus, cities will now have complete, real time control over their street lighting infrastructure with features that allow users to dim, completely turn off, pre-program times, assess current ambient weather conditions and adjust accordingly along with many other customizable features.

Imagine a resident has an emergency, and a 911 call is placed. The streetlights closest to the resident’s home will begin flashing to notify emergency response units that they are in the correct vicinity. This intelligent networked system can even be completely controlled with an iPhone, as Mayor Gavin demonstrated in San Francisco on March 25 at the launch of their LED test pilot.

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Echelon’s technology is currently used in streetlight systems in Oslo, Norway; Ville de Quebec, Canada; numerous cities in France and Germany; and demonstration sites in Anchorage, Alaska, San Francisco and San Jose, California. More information is available at www.echelon.com.

Eco Alternative Solutions is accepting applications for a free 90-day trial process of their newly developed ISS Solar/ LED streetlight.

C.E.O. Shane Chapin says, ‘I believe it will be an exciting process for both the end user and our staff. During this 90-day trial period we will have the ability, in real time, to compare our lighting capabilities with direct competition running pilots on the same section of the grid.’

To participate in the 90-day free trial, contact the corporate office at 217-303-8255, ext. 200 or e-mail at applications@ecoalternativesolutions.com. (The company’s website is currently being redesigned to facilitate real time results for the public to see as the test is taking place).

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