The Underappreciated Radish

As you start planning for the spring garden, don’t leave out this peppery vegetable that can be grown for the root and the greens.

The 13 Best Companion Plants

These crop companions not only add a dose of pretty to your garden, they’ll help prevent pests, enrich your soil and can be harvested, as well.

snow insulation, gardens, garden beds

UF Hack: Snow Insulation

Pack on a blanket of snow around your overwintering crops to keep your garden nice and cozy until spring weather arrives.

coffee grounds

Coffee: More Than Your Average Cup O’ Joe

Use coffee grounds and chaff around your urban farm to enhance your garden, make great compost, and provide a comfy place for chickens and rabbits to live.

native plants

Growing Native Plants In The City

Fruits and vegetables aren’t the only crops you should be growing. Native plants will support a diverse ecosystem in your backyard.