USDA Certified-Organic Pesticides

Family-run Pharm Solutions offers great products for organic growers.

by Dani Yokhna
Some of Pharm Solutions award-winning product line
The award-winning Pharm Solutions product line includes Flower, Veggie and Indoor Pharm.

Susan E. Lewis, founder and president of Pharm Solutions, says, “We think every pesticide sold should be USDA/National Organic Program Certified Organic. Consumers should not have to settle for less.”

Pharm Solutions, a family-owned, Washington-state based company, put its money where its mouth is by developing the world’s only pesticides to be certified as USDA-compliant with organic regulations.

The family started out with strict guidelines for their own gardens—any pesticide they placed on their plants had to be natural and environmentally friendly.

Pharm Solutions’ patent-pending product line includes:
  1. Garlic Pharm
  2. Veggie Pharm
  3. Flower Pharm
  4. Rose Pharm
  5. Indoor Pharm
  6. Fungus Pharm
  7. Oil Pharm
  8. Deer Pharm
  9. Soap Pharm

When most of the products they tried failed, the family decided to make their own.

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They did extensive research and created an organic “system” that would treat various plant and crop ailments.

They have products that repel pests; and if that doesn’t work–and a plant becomes infected or infested–they can use their insecticidal soaps, which contain pure essential oils (also containing miticides and fungicides).

The minimal treatment system, gives plants a chance to be healthy on their own–with no or very little human-applied treatment.

Other benefits:

  • The insecticidal soaps target pests with one application, reducing labor costs.
  • In every setting – indoor, outdoor or nursery – the health risks associated with standard pesticides are eliminated.
  • The products can be used all the way through harvest without any risks to the plant.

The family’s passion and dedication and their products’ effectiveness were recognized in 2006 by the Lawn and Garden Marketing and Distrubution Association; Pharm Solutions ready-to-use product line was voted “Best New Product,” “Best of Show” and “Best New Packaging.”

For more information, including where to find retailers that sell the products, visit, email or call (805) 927-7400.

Visit the company’s website and you may find yourself thinking of anything but chemicals and pesticides. Some of the ingredients in their formulas:

  • Peppermint oil, which scrambles the senses of insects.
  • Garlic extract, which repels insects and small animals, like rabbits.
  • Organic almond, cinnamon, cottonseed and soybean oils, which smother pests and help control mildew and fungus.
  • Fermented salmon byproduct, “not intended for indoor use or bear country,” reads the site.
  • Vitamin E and rosemary oil, tossed in as perservatives.


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