Use Old Frisbees To Make A Holiday Wreath

Deck your halls with wreaths made of fresh evergreens and Frisbees.

by Jessica Walliser
PHOTO: Jessica Walliser

Our family has a box full of old plastic Frisbees that we’ve collected over the years. Most were in goodie bags from various 5Ks and birthday parties. Unfortunately, our community doesn’t recycle the type of plastic they’re made of, and I figured that I’d eventually find a way to use them for a project. Well, I finally did! This is a great way to turn a plastic Frisbee or flying disc into a holiday wreath.

What You’ll Need

  • evergreen boughs (I used the ones we trimmed from the bottom of the Christmas tree.)
  • boxwood trimmings, berry branches or other accent greens
  • a spool or paddle of florist wire
  • an old Frisbee or flying disc
  • a pair of pruning shears
  • a box cutter

Step 1

cut evergreens
Jessica Walliser

Begin by cutting the evergreen boughs into shorter pieces. Each piece should be about 6 to 8 inches long. You’ll need about 30 to 35 pieces for each wreath.

Step 2

cut Frisbee
Jessica Walliser

Use a box cutter to carefully remove the center of the Frisbee. If you’re using a flying disc that’s ring-shaped and doesn’t have a center, you can skip this step.

Step 3

wrap wire
Jessica Walliser

Take the end of the spool of wire and wrap it around the Frisbee frame. Twist the end around to secure the end of the spool of wire to the frame.

Step 4

attach evergreens
Jessica Walliser

Gather four to five evergreen pieces into a bunch, and lay them on top of where the wire is secured to the frame. Make sure to aim the tips of the evergreens toward the outer edge of the circle. Wrap the spool of wire around the lower half of the bunch of evergreens and the Frisbee frame two times, pulling the wire taught to secure the evergreens to the frame.

Step 5

fill out the wreath
Jessica Walliser

Gather another bunch of four to five evergreen pieces, and lay them on top of the first bunch with the tips pointed in the same direction. They should overlap by about a third of their length. Wrap the spool of wire around the bottom half of the second bunch of evergreen pieces two times, again pulling tightly to secure them to the frame.

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Continue adding bunches of evergreen pieces in this way until the Frisbee frame is covered. The final bunch may be a bit challenging as you have to get the bottom of the branches down under the tips of the first bunch you attached. Take your time so you don’t break off the ends of any of the evergreens.

Step 6

make the hook
Jessica Walliser

After the last bunch is attached, flip the frame over and cut the wire off the spool, leaving about 3 inches of extra wire to create a hanging loop. Tuck the end of the cut wire under a section of wire that’s already wrapped around the Frisbee frame, and twist it together to create a loop.

Step 7

add accents
Jessica Walliser

Once the hanging loop has been formed, flip the wreath back over and add your accents. Tuck a few pieces of boxwood into the wreath by inserting the base of the stem underneath one of the wrapped wires. Make sure the accent greens lay in the same direction as the evergreen pieces that make up the base of the wreath. Their tips should aim in the same direction.

Step 8

add berries
Jessica Walliser

Add berry branches by tucking the base of the stem beneath one of the wrapped wires, making sure their tips are also pointed in the same direction as all the other branches in the wreath. You can also add a bow, pinecones or other accents, too.

Step 9

hanging Frisbee wreath
Jessica Walliser

Hang your wreath and enjoy the holidays!

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