Veterinarians, Farmers Celebrate World Veterinary Day

Veterinarians and livestock farmers work together to control diseases and keep animals safe.

by Dani Yokhna
April 25 is the day to celebrate World Veterinary Day

Veterinarians are vital to the health and safety of animals; however, as hobby farmers, we play a role in protecting this chain of safety as well.

“Veterinarians play a key role in all countries as guarantors of animal health and public health,” according to the World Veterinary Association (WVA). “But the effectiveness of their action is strongly linked to and dependent on their relationship with farmers. Livestock farmers all around the world are the first sentinels of animal disease events and a rapid response in the fight against animal diseases cannot leave aside their crucial role.”

The WVA reports that farmers are also a crucial part of the chain of protection, and they must continue to improve their knowledge of animal husbandry and bring awareness of any health issues to their veterinarians.

On April 25, veterinary professionals from around the world will celebrate World Veterinary Day, started by the World Veterinary Association in 2000. This year’s theme is “Veterinarians and livestock farmers, a winning partnership.”

The veterinary association that best publicizes the theme by involving livestock farmers in the organization of events as well as other stakeholders, such as the media and the general public, will receive the 2009 World Veterinary Day Award, to be presented at the 77th OIE General Assembly in Paris May 24-29.

The WVA and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) created the award in 2008 to reward the most successful celebration of the veterinary profession by national veterinary associations alone or in cooperation with another veterinary group.

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The Kenya Veterinary Association won the $1,000 award last year.

For details on how to apply for the award, click here. Applications are due May 1.



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