Video: Building A New Farm Garden Shed (Pt. 5)

Our site and frame look good, so now it's time to wrap the new garden shed in siding, and in this video we offer some tips to make this step a lot easier.

It’s time for me to move onto the next step in my garden shed build, and when I say “me,” that’s what I mean. This build is a one-man job for me, which certainly poses some challenges. But I’m taking the time to think through steps of this build so that I can work smarter rather than harder.

Today’s task, then, is to put the siding onto my garden shed frame. And to make this next step easier for me, I’m going to start by putting a long screw into the rim joist, just below the line of the plywood flooring, followed by a second screw level with the first and so on down the line.

Why? Well, I can rest my piece of siding on the screws as I attach them. It’s a simple solution that just makes the job easier.

Siding Material

For my sheeting material, I chose a product called LP SmartSide, an engineered product that’s weather hardy, pre-primed and takes paint well. Ten of these 4×8 sheets should be enough to wrap my garden shed.

My roof is sloped, but rather than cutting the angle before hanging, I’m just going to put the sheets up whole and cut the angle with a circular saw later.

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Hanging the Sheeting

Check out the video above to see how easily the siding goes up with screws in place to hold the sheets up. It’s an easy step, but if you’ve ever hung sheeting of any kind—whether by yourself or with a helper or two—you’ll no doubt recognize the benefit a handful of screws can bring to this step in the project.

In the video you’ll see that getting this siding up on the frame really makes the structure start to look like a building. This little garden shed is coming along! In my next video, we’ll put up some rafters.

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