Video: Building A New Farm Garden Shed (Pt. 7)

My farm garden shed is nearing completion, but before I can put the roof on, I need to install a soffit. Check out the video for a simple jig to help with this step.

My farm garden shed is really starting to take shape! In a previous video, I installed the rafters and purlins, which really add a lot to the structure’s stability and overall frame. But my roof still isn’t ready for sheeting yet, as I still need to install the end rafters for the overhang on the east and west sides. And I need to put on the trim board across the front to block off the exterior against weather or would-be animal intruders.

First, I need to build a very basic soffit to prevent anything from flying in between the rafters. If you’re like me and working on an outbuilding project by yourself, you might be interested in the dead-simple woodworking jig solution I came up with, as shown in the video. It really helped me install the 6-foot-long pieces of lumber by myself, and the jig itself was extremely simple to build.

One important thing to keep in mind when installing the front-side trim is, you can’t just line it up with the rafters. As the rafters create a slope, you also need to account for this measurement. This is fairly simple, though, and I just place a flat pencil across the rafter and board. When the pencil lies flat across the rafter and the outer edge of the trim board (as you can see in the video), the board placement is correct.

Next, using my handmade jig to keep things in place, I can just nail the soffit trim board in place. After that, I’ll install rafters on the east and west sides to support my garden shed overhang and consider this structure’s frame complete.

Next up: It’s time to put the roof on my new farm garden shed! We’ll tackle this exciting step in my next video in this series.

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