Video: Digital Tools Can Really Help With Farm Planning

When farm dreams become reality, it's time to start planning. In this video, we look at some digital tools that provide deep insight in your land's capabilities.

For many of us, dreaming about having a farm is an exciting first step toward eventually pursuing country life. And when we finally get some land of our own—leased, bought or borrowed—it’s natural to start planning the farm out.

“Put the chicken coop here. Pigs can run here. Oh, this would make a nice cow pasture. And this area would be perfect for some hay!”

Farm planning is as fun as it is critical. But it’s important to consider your land’s natural capabilities when making plans.

As Russell Graves of Hackberry Farm (Texas) shows us in this video, though, modern, digital tools can provide deep insight into the lay of your land, soil capabilities and more. And even something as simple as Google Maps will provide new insight into your farm’s greatest potential.

So dream on—but don’t be afraid to get technical when planning for your farm property.

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