VIDEO: Do You Speak Goat—Or Sheep?

These baby farm animals sure have something to say to their farmers, and that's nothing to baa at.

Never—I repeat never—can I see a baby goat or sheep without my day getting a little better. Today, in the news of the cute, we have not just a goat, not just a sheep, but a goat and a whole choir of sheep exerting their voices all over the Internet.

What is it about these miniature-sized livestock that warms our hearts? Maybe it’s the fact that have such a resemblance to our human babies. (Is it just me or does the choir of sheep remind you of a gaggle of kindergarteners belting out their newly learned ABCs?) Or maybe it’s the anticipation of the way they will enhance our farm endeavors in the future. Whatever that connection is, there’s no denying it exists.

As farmers, we inherently want a relationship with our animals. I’ve heard it first-hand from you, our readers, who have written to tell us about the discouragement you’ve faced with a sheep or a horse that didn’t want to recognize you as its human mom or dad. But that day when you finally find a special bond with your beloved charges, it’s something that simply can’t be matched.

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Do You Speak Goat—or Sheep?

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