Video: How To Plant & Grow Potatoes In A Container

Potatoes are pretty much the perfect garden crop to grow in containers, so check out this video to learn how you can grow your own taters in a tub.

Looking for a crop to grow in a container? Sure, you have options, and tomatoes and peppers are common choices for container growing.

But don’t forget about potatoes, which are the perfect garden crop to plant and grow in a container.

My preferred method of growing potatoes in a container is pretty straightforward.

After locating a large container to grow the potatoes in, I mix some compost with potting soil. I use a ratio of about 2/3 potting soil to 1/3 compost.

Next, grab your seed potato and cut out the eye from each. As you’ll see in the video, just one potato can often yield as many as five (or more) seeds. Then just place these cut portions on top of the soil, pushing a bit to secure them in the dirt, eye-side up.

After your potatoes are in place, just add more potting soil to the container, covering the potato seeds with a couple inches of soil. Spread the soil evenly.

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Next, top everything with a slow-release organic fertilizer, mixing it into the potting soil. This will feed the potatoes for a while, and because it’s organic, it doesn’t present the risk of burning the seedlings.

Water your container, then wait. In about 100 days, your potatoes will be ready to harvest and eat.


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