Video: Make Fun, Colorful DIY Garden Signs

The bright hues and handwritten labels of homemade garden signs can bring color and whimsy to your growing space later in the year. Plus, it's a fun winter project!

Sure, we’re in the cold, dark days of winter at the time of this writing. Everything outside (or almost everything—gotta love those little green garlic shoots!) may be brown and dormant, but it’s the perfect time to think ahead to this spring’s garden.

Your coffee table is probably piled high with seed catalogs right about now. But as you plan this year’s garden, also take some time to consider the aesthetic extras that make a growing space so much more enjoyable.

For me, these fun extras include custom signage for my crops. Signs, of course, provide the all-important value of telling you what’s where in your beds. And knowing what’s what can help with everything from monitoring growth to weeding to watering your seedlings.

But signs can also be fun and colorful additions to your growing space, providing a pop of hue to the bare ground of a just-planted bed. And when a garden is in full swing later in summer, handmade signs can liven up the landscape with complimentary colors, playful fonts and even special messages!

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Check out the video above to see how I make handmade signs for my garden! And bonus for frustrated growers: It’s a perfect DIY project to occupy your green thumb, your mind and your creative spirit during the cold, monochromatic days of midwinter.

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  •  1×4 lumber, cut to uniform lengths
  • acrylic paint, multiple colors
  • paint marker (black is ideal)
  • spray can of exterior-grade clear coat
  • wood garden stake
  • screws
  • drill

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