Video: A Quick Look At Common Tractor Implements

There's no avoiding the importance of a tractor, but equally critical is a collection of common tractor implements to help with farm tasks.

Spring is almost here, and it’s time to get started on farm tasks for a lot of us. I’ve got my tractor tuned up and ready for the season, and it’s time to take stock of my implements on hand to see what I can use for upcoming projects.

On my farm, we have a lot of common implements, which you can see and hear more about in the video. But let’s break down what these common tools can do around the hobby farm.

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Common Implements


This implement won’t take the place of a finish mower, as it doesn’t produce the very cleanest cut. But a shredder will help you knock down growth around your farm fast.

Straight Blade

A straight blade will help you cut and maintain areas such as gravel ditches around roads and driveways. Why is this important? One word: irrigation.

Box Blade

This implement will help you out with a handful of tasks, including gravel road maintenance, smoothing out dirt for landscaping and planting, and even cleaning out ditches.

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Single-shank Ripper

A single-shank ripper will help you cut ditches when you’re starting from scratch.

Pallet Forks

This implement gets a lot of work on the farm, as it’s an essential help for moving heavy materials, such as bags of animal feed. Just remove the bucket, attach this implement and easily move everything from trailers to other implements.

Tillage Tools

Disk Plow

The disk plow is a general purpose tillage tool that can help you break up clods and smooth out an area.


While not a heavy-duty tool, a cultivator will help you help you break up small areas.


A tiller does what it says it will—it will till up an area into fine, usable soil. It’s not a fast tool, but essential and worth taking the time to use it. (Another good use: You can use it to ready ground for digging holes, such as small ponds.)

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My Wish List

I don’t have every tool I’d like to own, and I assume I’m not alone in wishing for more. Here are a few tractor implements I’ve got my eye on.

Grapple Bucket

The implement helps out out picking up and moving limbs. But adding this implement does require some modification to the hydrolics.

Sub-Soil Ripper with a Pipe Attachment

This is great for ripping the soil for ease of laying pipe in the ground.


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