Video Round Up: 5 Favorite Hobby Farms Stories

We rounded up 5 of our favorite Hobby Farms video stories from the past year. Check them out, then dig into all the great video content from our contributors!

by Rodney Wilson
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Here at Hobby Farms, we do our best to help out folks trying to make their way out there—whether that’s keeping a few laying hens and a lettuce patch in the suburbs; subsisting off the land in an off-grid setup; or selling homegrown organic summer squash at the local farmers market. We’re here to tell stories of people like you, and share tips and expertise for doing things efficiently, sustainably and enjoyably.

Of course, we’re proud to offer this information in the pages of our benchmark magazines, Hobby Farms and Chickens, not to mention our fleet of full-color annual publications such as Hobby Farm Home and Healing Herbs.

We’re always live here at with exclusive articles from our team of experienced contributors. And in recent years we’ve expanded into podcasting with the launch of Hobby Farms Presents: Growing Good, a podcast with and about hobby farmers, small-scale growers and sustainable farmers.

But did you know that, in addition to all this, Hobby Farms offers an ever-growing collection of video articles on a wide variety of farming-related topics right here and over on YouTube? We do!

We absolutely encourage you to check out all of the video content Hobby Farms provides our readers. And to get you started, here are five of our favorite video stories from the past year that you may have missed!

Clipping Chicken Wings

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You can clip the flight feathers on your chickens’ wings to limit birds’ mobility and ability to get into trouble around the farm. It’s easy, painless and helpful. Bevin Cohen put together the video above to show us how it’s done.

What the Hay Is Up with Hay Prices?

Quality forage got harder to find this year, while hay prices soared through the roof. Josh and Rachel Porter of Porter Valley Ranch looked into what was going on and delivered tips for feeding livestock all winter long.

A Fall Tree-Planting Tutorial

Fall is the perfect time to plant trees, and the process is pretty simple. In this video Russell Graves provides a few pointers for putting new trees into the ground in the autumn months.

Sew a Feed Bag Shopping Tote

From chicken feed to bird seed, the empty plastic bags add up—but they don’t have to end up in the landfill. Longtime contributor Susan Brackney shows how to make your own fun and sustainable feed-bag tote.

Support Winter Wellness with Herbs

It’s important to maintain health on the homestead year-round and especially during winter. Bevin Cohen shows us how to use herbs and activities in the colder months to stay in tip-top shape!

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