Video: Start A Cut Flower Garden Business

Lindsay Huckabee with Huck-a-bee Flower Farm tells how she got started with cut flowers and shares a few tips for assembling attractive bouquets for sale.

Cut flower gardens are such a popular niche right now. We walked through Lindsay Huckabee’s Huck-a-bee Flower Farm to learn how she profits from her suburban backyard garden.

Huckabee began her cut flower garden during the pandemic. Inspired by the wildly popular docuseries Growing Floret from Floret Flower Farm, she felt the motivation and push to begin her dream business of growing flowers for arrangements.

The first year the project was just a hobby. She bought a starter kit from the local big-box garden center and started three beds that all performed really well. That first year she just gave away all the flowers she grew while she learned and practiced.

The following winter she took an online course, which gave her the knowledge needed to turn her passion to profession.

Currently Huck-a-bee Flower Farm is three years into the business, selling bouquet subscriptions to offices, individuals and boutiques nearby. Social media and word of mouth provide her most successful marketing avenues.

Huckabee can get three seasons out of her cut flowers, from April though September. Her cool season flowers get planted in the late fall/early winter and emerge early spring. Some of the summer flowers will re-seed, saving Huckabee a lot of money. She also starts flowers indoors a the others finish their season outdoors.

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Each year, she adds rows for more future growth.

In the video above, Huckabee teaches us arranging principles in a canning jar bouquet. The grid system that goes under the jar keeps the stems neat and tidy. She recommends stripping all side leaves before adding them to the jar and just being creative without feeling constricted by a set of rules.

If you are interested in creating your own cut flower garden, you’ll find plenty of classes, books and other resources out there. Then, follow Huckabee’s example of starting small and growing more and more each year! 

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