Video: Tips For Tractor Preventative Maintenance

A few quick points of preventative maintenance can help you avoid bigger problems down the road and keep your tractor in working order.

Sure, you can farm without a tractor. But there’s no denying that the machine makes countless on-farm chores easier and more enjoyable.

Like anything, though, your tractor needs regular preventative maintenance to ensure it stays ready to help out. There are times you’ll want to spend some time getting things ready to go—like when spring rolls around, for instance. However, a quick, regular walk-around to inspect a few key maintenance areas can provide a wealth of information about your tractor. And it can help you avoid downtime and costly repairs down the road.

In this video, we detail what you should look for, how often you should check things out and what preventative maintenance tasks your tractor needs to stay in good working order.

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