Video: What’s The Deal With The Hay Shortage Crisis?

Hay is getting harder to find, and prices during the shortage are through the roof. Here's what's going on and tips for feeding your livestock this winter.

Video: Use Manure Compost To Improve Garden Soil

If you get some livestock manure compost from a neighbor or your own animals, the broken-down material can be a big boost to garden soil efficiency and overall structure.

Video: 3 Tips For Keeping Animals Cool In Summer Heat

It's hot out there! Animals can suffer in extreme heat, so follow these three basic tips to keep livestock cool and healthy during a summer heatwave.

Video: Forage Wild Monarda (Beebalm) For Its Many Uses

Monarda fistulosa, or beebalm, grows wild across most of the U.S. and offers a wealth of valuable uses—culinary, medical and beyond.

Video: Cold, Stinky Compost Pile Gets A Makeover

Something went really wrong inside this plastic compost bin, which was too cold and stinky, but we set things right with a simple makeover.

A Quick, At-Home Test Of Your Soil Composition (Video)

For a quick idea of your soil composition and necessary amendments, try this easy, at-home test of your three basic soil elements.

Treating Pink Eye In Sheep & Goats (Video)

Pink eye, or keratoconjunctivitis, is a bacterial disease that can cause major discomfort and potential blindness in animals. In this video, we show you how to treat the condition.

Video: How To Transplant Tomato Plant Starts

Potting up your young tomatoes and preventing them from becoming rootbound gives them a great head start. Here's how to transplant tomato plants.

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