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Video: How To Collect A Sample For A Soil Test

Thinking of planting an area? It's best to get a soil test first, so in this video we show you the steps to collecting a good sample for testing.

A Piano-Playing Chicken Named Jokgu Warms the “Heart and Soul”

Heart and soul, I fell in love with you like a fool would do, madly, because ... you're ... well ... a piano-playing chicken.

Rachael DupreeApril 18, 2018
How To Harvest Yacons

These large tubers can be stored in a root cellar for winter use.

4 Tips For Overwintering Peppers

Get a jumpstart on spring growing by overwintering peppers in your house.

Store Your Home-Canned Food The Right Way

Keep your canned food somewhere safe and accessible so you can enjoy the fruits of the harvest throughout the winter.

Heidi StrawnNovember 11, 2016
7 Tips For Planting Garlic

This is the last crop you'll plant this season—but make sure it gets into the ground!

4 Ways To Get More Ripe Tomatoes Before The First Frost

Encourage your tomatoes to ripen quickly before the end of the season so that your green tomato stash is a bit smaller.

5 Things To Think About When Choosing Garlic

It's almost time to start planting garlic, so consider what you want to get out of your crop.

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