Is Your Ewe Or Doe Pregnant? Here’s How To Know (Video)

Right now, every shepherd and goatherd wants to know the pregnancy status of their ewes or does. Here's how to check and what to do if they aren’t.

How To Bend Sheet Metal With Common Tools

If you've got scrap sheet metal around, you can put it to use in projects to save material costs. Here's a cool trick for bending thin-gauge sheet metal without needing a brake.

Follow These Steps When Selecting A Breeding Ram (Video)

A sire contributes more than just its 50 percent of a lamb's genetics, so it's critical to choose a breeding ram carefully. Here's what to look for before you buy.

Foraging, Drying & Storing Oyster Mushrooms (Video)

Plentiful and available year-round, oyster mushrooms are easy to spot. In this video, we look at finding, cleaning and drying foraged mushrooms.

Now’s The Time To Clean Up Bluebird Boxes, Other Birdhouses

Late fall is perfect for removing old nest material from bluebird boxes and performing general maintenance to prepare birdhouses for spring.

DIY Herbal Gifts For The Holidays (Video)

Share your herbs with loved ones this holiday season by making DIY herbal gifts. In this video, learn to craft infusions, body care products and fragrances!

Video: Making Mushroom Spore Prints

The colorful, intricate patterns mushroom caps make are a helpful clue to species identification. Here's how you can make your own mushroom spore prints.

Video: Creating a Woodland Blewit Mushroom Garden

Clitocybe nuda thrives on layers of organic matter in moist, shady locations. Here's how you can start your own blewit mushroom garden using purchased spawn.

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