Jessica Walliser
June 23, 2011

Grass growing
Photo by Jessica Walliser
The garden is doing well, but I can’t wait for the grass to grow!

Progress, progress, progress. How I love it when garden projects move along as planned!

I managed to sow just less than 35 pounds of grass seed last week and cover it with a dozen bails of straw. What a job it was, but the seed has already started to germinate. I’m dreaming of the day (hopefully in the not-so-distant future) where the mud is gone and I can walk barefoot through the grass in my backyard. One day at a time, for now, but it’s coming. Lugging the sprinkler around is not a fun chore, but when the grass begins to sprout, it’s all worth it for sure.

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All the nursery finds I mentioned in last week’s post have been planted along with several others I acquired this week, including a beautiful little Stewartia tree (I have always wanted one!), a prostrate blue arborvitae (I know, who knew those even existed?), and 10 Winter Gem boxwoods that now line the edge of the patio around the fire pit. It’s beginning to look a bit like a garden out there.

All the while, the veggie garden has been chugging along. I had to water it this week, too,as we haven’t had rain in quite some time and things were looking a bit dry.

We’ve enjoyed the last few lettuce harvests—they are beginning to bolt and turn bitter, but the chickens sure do enjoy them once they are beyond human consumption. All my cucumbers and pumpkins germinated, including the ones I planted in our compost bin, and the tomatoes are just beginning to set flowers.

The only thing I have missed this year is the sugar snap peas. Because of all the rain this spring, I didn’t manage to get into the garden to plant any. They’re one of my favorites, and I have missed having them. Thankfully, though, I have found them at the farmers’ market the past few Saturdays and have gotten my fill. Not quite the same as homegrown, but darned close!  

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