What Chickens Lay Blue Eggs?

Five Chicken Breeds to Give Your Egg Basket Some Unique Colors

by Erin Snyder
PHOTO: Ten blue chicken eggs in straw basket. Photo by Wagner Campelo

What chickens lay blue eggs? Here are five chicken breeds that lay blue eggs to consider adding to your flock, including their egg production and temperament.

1. Ameraucana

When asked what chickens lay blue eggs, most backyard flock owners think of the Ameraucana. This distinctive breed is easily recognized by its beard and muffs. However, there is some confusion about Ameraucanas and Easter Eggers being the same breed (more on that later). However, unlike the Easter Egger, the Ameraucana conforms to a breed standard and is recognized by the American Poultry Association as a true breed.

Ameraucana hens are excellent layers, producing 4 – 6 medium/large pale blue eggs weekly (200 – 220 eggs annually). They are also friendly and make wonderful pets for families with children. Hens of this breed get along well with other chickens, making them an ideal breed for backyard flocks.

Ameraucana (Photo by Andrew Jones/Adobe Stock)

Ameraucanas are hardy birds, tolerating both hot and cold weather. And live an average of five to eight years.

This breed comes in various colors: Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Lavender, Self-Blue, Silver, Splash, Wheaten, and White.

2. Araucana

The Araucana originated in Chile and was kept by the fierce Aruacana Indians. This breed is easily distinguished by its appearance: It is the only breed with ear tufts and one of a few rumpless breeds. These two characteristics make the Araucana stand out from other breeds but contribute to its lack of success.

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When two parent birds are bred with the “ear tuff” gene, a lethal gene is produced, resulting in chicks dying a few days before hatching. Due to their rumpless bodies, Araucana chickens have a lower fertility rate than other breeds, averaging ten to twenty percent lower fertility ratings.

Araucana (Photo by OceanProd/Adobe Stock)

Araucana hens lay an average of 3 – 5 pale blue eggs weekly (about 160 – 200 eggs annually). Araucana hens and roosters are friendly, tame, and inquisitive chickens, making them a good choice for individuals looking for a pet. However, some strains tend to be flighty and temperamental, so buy from breeders who breed for even temperaments.

The Araucana comes in several striking colors. Black, Black Breasted Red, Golden Duckwing, Silver Duckwing, and White. This breed is also available in bantam form.

3. Easter Egger

What chickens lay blue eggs? Easter Eggers! This unique hybrid chicken doesn’t just lay blue eggs, but they also lay green or brown eggs, earning this breed their name. Easter Egger hens are excellent producers, averaging 4 – 6 large/extra large blue, green, or brown eggs weekly (250 – 280 eggs annually).

Often referred to as a “mutt” in the chicken world, Easter Eggers are not an actual breed. The Easter Egger is a combination of breeds used to create this hybrid with a gene for blue or green eggs. While Ameraucanas or Araucanas are usually in this chicken’s DNA, the rest of their ancestry remains a mystery. These chickens do not breed true, so hatching is always a fun surprise.

Easter Egger (Photo by M. Huston/Flickr)

Like their Ameraucana ancestors, Easter Eggers often sport a beard and muff. Since Ameraucanas and Easter Eggers look alike, many chicken keepers confuse Easter Eggers with Ameraucanas.

Easter Eggers are friendly chickens who thrive on human interaction. With their calm and sweet nature, this breed is prone to being easily bullied in a mixed flock. Easter Eggers are an excellent addition to the backyard flock and are ideal for families with children.

Easter Eggers live a respectable five to eight years.

This unique chicken comes in many colors that do not breed true.

4. Cream Legbar

What chickens lay blue eggs? Did you know that one of the blue egg layers is also an autosexing chicken? One of the few chickens to be an autosexing breed, Cream Legbar chicks can be sexed by their color upon hatching. Male chicks hatch a lighter shade than female chicks and sport a yellow spot on the top of the head. Female chicks appear darker than males and have dark stripes down the back.

Autosexing chicken breeds are a popular choice for backyard chicken owners who do not want to worry about accidentally acquiring a rooster. Another interesting fact about these chickens is that, unlike sex link varieties, autosexing chickens breed true.

Cream Legbar (Photo by normanack/Flickr)

For the practical chicken keeper, Cream Legbars are a cost-effective breed. They love to forage for some of their feed and have an excellent feed-to-egg ratio. Hens lay an average of 3 – 5 sky blue to pastel green medium/large eggs weekly (about 160 – 200 eggs annually)

Cream Legbars are also an excellent addition to the pet chicken flock as these hens are friendly, calm, quiet, and curious.

5. Whiting True Blue

Whiting True Blue chickens are the rarest breed discussed in what chickens lay blue eggs. However, this breed is an excellent egg producer, averaging 5+ pastel blue eggs weekly (280 – 300 eggs annually).

The hens of this breed are calm, friendly, and inquisitive. Whiting Blue chickens are not aggressive toward humans or other chickens, making them ideal for the novice. They are also a hardy breed that tolerates summer heat and winter chills. Hens live a respectable five to ten years.

Whiting Blue chickens come in many colors but do not breed true.

While there may not be as many chicken breeds that lay blue eggs as their brown egg-laying chickens and white egg-laying chickens, blue egg layers are gaining popularity in backyard flocks. So, if you want to add color to your egg basket, consider adding one of these extraordinary breeds to your flock.

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