What’s Cuter Than Baby Goats? Baby Goats In Sweaters

Donate to Sunflower Farm in Maine, and soon you could find goats in sweaters on your farm, too!

At Sunflower Farm in Cumberland Center, Maine, the goats are more like family than livestock. As the Nigerian Dwarf herd comes in from the pasture, sounding their happy bleats, their caretakers can identify each one by its distinct voice. And, of course, they all have names.

These goats work hard to produce milk for the creamery’s fresh fetas and chevres, as well as caramel sweets, so they’re given top-notch treatment. Each is hand-milked with love and given its preferred treatment, whether that mean it’s milked one side at a time or given a head scratch before trotting back to the pasture. Once the weather gets nippy, you may even find the kids—the baby goats, that is—frolicking around in cozy sweaters.

baby goats in sweaters
Sunflower Farm/Facebook

Goats in sweaters? That’s too cute to handle. Sunflower Farm is actually giving away patterns for these adorable sweaters to anyone who makes a donation of their choosing to Sunflower Farm. So if you’re breeding your goats now and kidding will take place in the fall, gear up now—and support a small, local farm in the process. Get details on the farm’s Facebook page.

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