Wheatgrass Egg Cups

Decorate your table for a springtime brunch with these freshly grown egg-holding containers.

by Patricia Lehnhardt
PHOTO: Patricia Lehnhardt

Sometimes spring just doesn’t come fast enough. When the chickens are starting up their spring egg laying and you are having a special breakfast or brunch, here’s a little project to brighten up the table. When the grass is still drab, these green egg cups will delight the kids and adults alike to dig into hard- or soft-boiled eggs.

When doing this project, plan ahead. It takes about a week to grow the wheatgrass to the right height, and while you can “mow” it if needed, the fresh green tips are will give it that quintessential springtime elegance.

What You’ll Need:

egg cups
Patricia Lehnhardt
  • organic wheat berries—about 1 tablespoon per cup
  • potting soil
  • water
  • tea cups and saucers, champagne glasses, or small bowls
  • stones or glass pebbles

Step 1

Place the wheat berries in a bowl and cover with water. Let soak overnight

Step 2

egg cups
Patricia Lehnhardt

Place a few stones or glass pebbles in the bottom of each cup. These will be used for drainage.

Step 3

egg cups
Patricia Lehnhardt

Moisten the potting soil with water, mixing until evenly damp. Fill each container (your tea cups, glasses or bowls) to within 1/2 inch of the top with potting soil. Drain the water from the seeds, and sprinkle them thickly and evenly on the soil, and lightly cover with more potting soil. Cover the containers with plastic wrap and place in a window sill.

Step 4

Check the seeds daily, removing the plastic if the soil seems too wet or misting it if it’s drying out. Turn the cups as the wheatgrass grows to keep it growing straight up, as it will grow toward the light.

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In a week, the grass should be about the perfect height for displaying your spring boiled eggs for breakfast!

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